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Fibonacci Trading and Gann Trading


Fibonacci Trading and Gann Trading – HomeBizBloke Business Investing

If You Trade Stocks, Options Or Futures
Read This Page Carefully Because…

“For A Limited Time Only, You Can Now Own A Professional Fibonacci & Gann Trading Software That’s Surprisingly Easy To Use For A Mere Fraction Of The Price…” Subjects covered include- best trading platformstrading strategiesfibonacci trading softwarehow to day trade – how to trade futuresoptions trading strategies, –binary optionstrading futures

If you’re reading this page right now, chances are that you’re probably a trader on the commodity, futures or stock market.

In other words, you can’t afford to mess around with theory or “hearsay”, for every single decision you make can directly affect your earnings for months or years to come.

Whether you’re a serious or casual trader, there’s one thing we, as traders absolutely know about. And that is:-

You Can’t Expect To Make Serious, Long Term
Returns On Your Investment
Without Using A Tried & Tested System!

You may strike gold once or twice through pure blind luck, or even by mindlessly following the crowd. But without a reliable system of calculating potential price reversal points, you’re exposing yourself to a much larger amount of trading risk than necessary.

When I first started trading 12 years ago, I worked for one of the largest grain trading companies in the world. I was directly responsible for placing their futures orders, which meant I had to…

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Network Marketing in the Cold Market CB

Network Marketing in the Cold Market CB


Please note: The written information will be delivered in pdf format and will require Adobe Acrobat or similar. The audio files will be in mp3 format and require a suitable media player. The video suite may be accessed on Vimeo, a platform similar to Youtube.

I’ve just got back from my first prize draw after reading John’s book and watching the videos. I felt nervous to start with but applied the simple script I had learned. Within three hours and 12 minutes (yes, I did keep track of time) I had spoken to 100 people, filled in 10 forms, booked five appointments and had three people to call back. I’m actually looking forward to doing this again next week – Simon Hunt.

This is a fantastic program. John demonstrates a very clever duplicable system which is broken down into simple, easy steps. This is everything you need to tap into the truly massive Cold Market. Never again will you worry about those friends and family who say “no”. So many people say the Cold Market is scary. Not if you’re armed with John’s secrets – Jonathan Kemp.

Keep on rocking it John. You keep it totally real (no hype) and provide 100% solid Network Marketing  business value, advice and teaching – Alonzo Williams.

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All Business Investing Categories

All Business Investing Categories

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Holistic Marketing Certification

Holistic Marketing Certification (Certified by the AUNLP)
This program will allow you to become a “Certified Holistic Marketer”

This program focuses on two aspects of marketing:

Confidence – Breaking through your barriers. In order to get you from where you are, with little or no products and little or no sales, to where you want to be: Making money while you sleep by selling products online. I am going to spend the first part of day one with you breaking
through your barriers.

Focus – Getting clear on what you are going to sell, based on your unique skills.

Coal with enough pressure turns to diamonds. Let Steve help you turn your business into a gem!

Location: Internet

Dates: You may start anytime.

Pace: Three weeks is the shortest allowable completion time. One year is the longest allowable completion time.

Cost: SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE – $37 (includes 11 video training modules and a 100-page course e-book)

Registration deadline: None. Register anytime.

Cancellation policy: Within 60 days.

Prerequisites: None

What You Will Learn: how to take the skills and knowledge you already have or are learning and make more money in your practice and online.

When I talk with people about what they are doing in terms of marketing, I usually hear the same things:

This program is designed to get you to let go of imaginary boundaries and get totally focused and committed to:

“This program is not about becoming a marketing mastermind alone! This is about sharing your gifts…

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Learn Futures Options Trading Techniques

You can look at the Delta of an option to figure out the probability of the trade. Too high a monthly charge and too simple a strategy.

As a result of my ignorance,

I Was Paying Through My Nose
… For Something I Could Have Easily Done Myself!

Currently there are option newsletters on the Internet priced at $100 – $200 per month with the same old Delta Neutral, Credit Spread type of trading.

You probably are facing the same problem. Too many people trying to offer you their advice, and trying to get you to pay for their advice… But who should you trust?

Frankly, I’m not in a position to tell you how to spend your money, but may I suggest that you heed the words of someone who has been there, done that…

Do Not Spend Money On Another System Or Course
Until You Have Finished Reading This Page

… And gotten MY message. It would at the very least save you some time and trouble.

Good, now that you and I have at least reached a common understanding, let’s take a look at what I did when I first started trading commodity options more than a decade ago…

Back then, I was quite desperate for information (and for the money to be made) that I subscribed to expensive newsletters… sometimes at a couple of hundred dollars…

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Knowledge Management Online

Knowledge Management Online Open Source KM

Welcome to Knowledge Management Online! A Unique Knowledge Management Online website

We strongly believe that ‘what can be done through the web – will be done through the web’, and our primary mission is to provide online, all your primary KM needs. Our aim is to provide you with all the key information that you need so that you will become successful with knowledge and knowledge management.

Since we launched this website in 2007, we have further developed advanced knowledge driven methodologies and tools that are available from our sister company, Knowledge Associates International. We will be integrating this website, during the next six months, into who is the founder and principal director of this website.

We hope you find what you need quickly by navigating through the ‘what,why,how,who,where and when’ of knowledge management, as this website is structured.

A good start for you is to read this simple 10 point article called

But the best way to help you is for you to tell us what your needs and desires are for knowledge management. Simply click on and complete your request.

Why Knowledge Management?

We start the website with , especially as we are all now living in a rapidly growing global knowledge economy. This knowledge economy will provide us all with unlimited opportunities to grow as effective knowledge driven individuals, teams, organizations and institutions.

What is Knowledge Management?

We continue with and discuss and some fundamental

How to implement Knowledge Management

Most importantly, we then provide a well proven step by step approach and methodology for…

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Renovation Book – Home

in Real Estate by

Buying residential real estate can be one of the best investments
you will make in your life. BUT BEWARE …

Apart from the comfort and security you achieve by investing in your own home, the additional purchase of investment property can lead to both wealth accumulation and cash flow.

Make sound investment decisions and you will enjoy the financial rewards. But make one or two key errors when you purchase, or when you renovate, and the mistakes can be financially crippling.

There are many seminars and books that tell you about how easy it is to make money renovating property, but they tend to gloss over the many pitfalls, and just how expensive those pitfalls can be. And it has been hard to get a good understanding of what can go wrong, and how to avoid them.

That’s where “The 10 Deadly Sins of Renovating for Profit” comes in….

This 73-page, no-nonsense ebook details: 

•The key mistakes to avoid

• How and why these mistakes occur

• The steps you can take to avoid making these mistakes yourself

 Here Are Just Some of the
VITAL LESSONS you will learn from this book…

 “…as important a tool as the renovator’s hammer…”

I have known Steve Houlihan for many years, and respect him as a businessman, a property investor, a renovator, a friend, and now an author.

“The 10 Deadly Sins of Renovating for Profit”, is a great book, which is based not on theory but on Steve’s own experiences with real properties…

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Office Politics Mastery

Want To Know Exactly How To Win At The Office Politics Game And Pull Ahead In Your Career With Ease And Flair?

Discover How To Ensure Your Professional Success By Mastering The Intricacies Of Office Politics! Protect Yourself Against All The Covert And Dirty Tactics Of Office Politics So You Can Always Be At The Top Of Your Game! The Solution You Need To Arm Yourself Against Office Politics Pitfalls And Trickery Is Yours For The Taking Today!

In today’s competitive world of office and corporate activities and agendas, strategies and cut-throat manoeuvres are a necessary part of succeeding and pulling out in front.

While this is logical and expected in a company or office as a whole, it can become very tricky and sometimes dirty at the individual level. One colleague can secretly try to undermine or sabotage another in order to win a promotion, while keeping a fake smile plastered to their face. Colleagues can gossip, spread rumours or false information, and all this can get back to the boss.

Bosses or superiors may have hidden little tests or agendas at any given time, allowing them to pick the “best of the bunch” out of the workers below them for allies, and perhaps weed out anyone who might compete for their own position.
Truly, offices can feel like war zones, as individuals and groups go up against each other to pull ahead and win in the career stakes! But this is a covert, hidden battle, and half the time you might not even be aware that war is being waged…

So is it even possible to anticipate office politics? To fully understand and play the game, in order to win in…

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