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What Makes a Brand Almighty? Brand Almighty Small Business Branding Kit

Is Your Brand Almighty? Turn your great idea into a brand with the first Branding Kit created especially for small business.
Turn Your Great Idea into a Successful Brand.Unlock the Potential of Your Brand | Build a following | Create a lasting impact.Are you sick of all the bulls%$# marketing strategies and “salesy” business products out there?Are you ready to discover the strengths of your brand & utilize real-world tools to build it up? If you said yes, then you’re in the right place. Brand Almighty makes creating a brand simple.Did you know that smart brands are more easily able to differentiate themselves in the market and have a distinct advantage over their competition?>> Leading brands tend to reap higher prices and are more immune to price sensitivity among consumers.*

>> Customer Loyalty can be worth 10 times as much as a single purchase.

>> Stores are more likely to feature a brand if it portrays a high quality brand image.*

“Unless you have absolute clarity of what your brand stands for, everything else is irrelevant.” — Mark Baynes, Global CMO, Kellogg Co.

The Brand Almighty Small Business Branding Kit is the first of it’s kind–the first small business branding kit designed specifically for entrepreneurs and small businesses. It’s packed with the tools you need to:

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