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Powerpoint presentations for managers.

 Powerpoint Presentations For Managers.

Powerpoint Presentations for Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Maintenance and General Managers



The company Imants BVBA is a consulting company with more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing, supply chain and maintenance management.

We provide people and companies all over the world with easy to understand management information (Powerpoint Presentations) at affordable prices.

The Powerpoint Presentations provide strategies, tools and techniques for both executives and managers in manufacturing, supply chain and maintenance management..

It also meets the growing needs of students studying business and management.

The Management Presentations will enable you to:

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Physical Therapy Marketing – Learn Physio Therapy Marketing Success

Physical Therapy Marketing – Learn Physio Therapy Marketing Success

Read the 5 Free Techniques  – That Have Been Directly Responsible for Hundreds of Staff Physical Therapy Promotions !

Who Else Wants A Proven Marketing ‘System’ Guaranteed To Ignite Profits For Your Physical Therapy Practice?

Follow This Proven ‘System’ That Has Already Dramatically Increased Profits For Many Physical Therapy Practices Around The Country!

Welcome to one of the most valuable resources on the entire internet for Physical Therapists!

It is our pleasure to provide this much needed information to you.  Please feel free to browse the site, including an excerpt from the Physical Therapy Success Manual.  You may also ask any questions that you might have, by contacting us via e-mail @

Our mission is to provide valuable information to our Physical Therapy community.  This information is unique and is aimed at helping the staff physical therapist, physiotherapist, clinic manager, and practice owners.  Discover proven strategies to grow your practice and avoid costly mistakes. If you are a talented physical therapist but lack a marketing degree then this information can help you succeed.

You will find comprehensive marketing information and insight in how to dramatically increase patient referrals.  We have analyzed and provided proven techniques that can be used right away to secure more clients via direct physician marketing, consumer marketing, and a third very effective but under utilized technique.  Simply, apply these techniques and watch your referrals skyrocket!

You will also find information that when implemented, will increase profits dramatically in a short period of time.  These techniques are extremely powerful and should make a lot of intuitive sense once you have read them.  You have the ability to instill a sense of ownership in your entire staff…

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