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Buying residential real estate can be one of the best investments
you will make in your life. BUT BEWARE …

Apart from the comfort and security you achieve by investing in your own home, the additional purchase of investment property can lead to both wealth accumulation and cash flow.

Make sound investment decisions and you will enjoy the financial rewards. But make one or two key errors when you purchase, or when you renovate, and the mistakes can be financially crippling.

There are many seminars and books that tell you about how easy it is to make money renovating property, but they tend to gloss over the many pitfalls, and just how expensive those pitfalls can be. And it has been hard to get a good understanding of what can go wrong, and how to avoid them.

That’s where “The 10 Deadly Sins of Renovating for Profit” comes in….

This 73-page, no-nonsense ebook details: 

•The key mistakes to avoid

• How and why these mistakes occur

• The steps you can take to avoid making these mistakes yourself

 Here Are Just Some of the
VITAL LESSONS you will learn from this book…

 “…as important a tool as the renovator’s hammer…”

I have known Steve Houlihan for many years, and respect him as a businessman, a property investor, a renovator, a friend, and now an author.

“The 10 Deadly Sins of Renovating for Profit”, is a great book, which is based not on theory but on Steve’s own experiences with real properties…

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