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Knowledge Management Online Open Source KM

Welcome to Knowledge Management Online! A Unique Knowledge Management Online website

We strongly believe that ‘what can be done through the web – will be done through the web’, and our primary mission is to provide online, all your primary KM needs. Our aim is to provide you with all the key information that you need so that you will become successful with knowledge and knowledge management.

Since we launched this website in 2007, we have further developed advanced knowledge driven methodologies and tools that are available from our sister company, Knowledge Associates International. We will be integrating this website, during the next six months, into who is the founder and principal director of this website.

We hope you find what you need quickly by navigating through the ‘what,why,how,who,where and when’ of knowledge management, as this website is structured.

A good start for you is to read this simple 10 point article called

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Why Knowledge Management?

We start the website with , especially as we are all now living in a rapidly growing global knowledge economy. This knowledge economy will provide us all with unlimited opportunities to grow as effective knowledge driven individuals, teams, organizations and institutions.

What is Knowledge Management?

We continue with and discuss and some fundamental

How to implement Knowledge Management

Most importantly, we then provide a well proven step by step approach and methodology for…

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