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Holistic Marketing Certification

Holistic Marketing Certification (Certified by the AUNLP)
This program will allow you to become a “Certified Holistic Marketer”

This program focuses on two aspects of marketing:

Confidence – Breaking through your barriers. In order to get you from where you are, with little or no products and little or no sales, to where you want to be: Making money while you sleep by selling products online. I am going to spend the first part of day one with you breaking
through your barriers.

Focus – Getting clear on what you are going to sell, based on your unique skills.

Coal with enough pressure turns to diamonds. Let Steve help you turn your business into a gem!

Location: Internet

Dates: You may start anytime.

Pace: Three weeks is the shortest allowable completion time. One year is the longest allowable completion time.

Cost: SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE – $37 (includes 11 video training modules and a 100-page course e-book)

Registration deadline: None. Register anytime.

Cancellation policy: Within 60 days.

Prerequisites: None

What You Will Learn: how to take the skills and knowledge you already have or are learning and make more money in your practice and online.

When I talk with people about what they are doing in terms of marketing, I usually hear the same things:

This program is designed to get you to let go of imaginary boundaries and get totally focused and committed to:

“This program is not about becoming a marketing mastermind alone! This is about sharing your gifts…

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