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Network Marketing in the Cold Market CB

Network Marketing in the Cold Market CB


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I’ve just got back from my first prize draw after reading John’s book and watching the videos. I felt nervous to start with but applied the simple script I had learned. Within three hours and 12 minutes (yes, I did keep track of time) I had spoken to 100 people, filled in 10 forms, booked five appointments and had three people to call back. I’m actually looking forward to doing this again next week – Simon Hunt.

This is a fantastic program. John demonstrates a very clever duplicable system which is broken down into simple, easy steps. This is everything you need to tap into the truly massive Cold Market. Never again will you worry about those friends and family who say “no”. So many people say the Cold Market is scary. Not if you’re armed with John’s secrets – Jonathan Kemp.

Keep on rocking it John. You keep it totally real (no hype) and provide 100% solid Network Marketing ┬ábusiness value, advice and teaching – Alonzo Williams.

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